Saturday, November 30, 2019

Turning points 2)

Early in 1967, with continuing excitement about leaving in the Summer for India, I received a letter in one of those tiny brown envelopes which required folding a letter (at least) four times to fit inside.  Enclosed was a duplicated sheet produced by wax stencil in which the evenness of typing (or lack thereof) and mistakes were visible as ink seeped through patchily.  Along the top in block capitals was the heading: EAST ASIAN CHRISTIAN COLLEGES ASSOCIATION.

This utterly unimpressive letter began generically Dear Friend. The next sentence was devastating:  owing to various circumstances we are ceasing to function as an organization and any arrangements that have been made are ceasing to function too!   It was brief, without further explanation, to inform all donors, supporters as well as volunteers in the me. I couldn't believe something that I was basing my immediate future on had suddenly been wiped out.

Having been so pleased with my India future I was suddenly confronted by a blank sheet.  The question:'What are you going to do after college?' was thrown disturbingly open.  In shock I had no idea.  Absolutely no idea.

This event was to cause a turning point which was to change everything in my life.  Everything!

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