Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Bible - God's Growth Book 1)

The latest member of our church to be baptized and join us shared a vision at his baptism of beginning a Growth Group for anyone interested in learning more about the Christian faith.  Isn't this a great initiative? A mixed group of people at different stages of discipleship has since met diligently once a month with friends gathering in church (socially distanced of course) while others join in via Zoom.  He chose a number of speakers from the church fellowship whom he had seen in action to take up topics appropriate to each.  A wide range of subjects emerged including Personality and your Christianity, Work/church/life balance, Prayer, Practical Christianity, Spending time with God, Suffering.  

And now at number seven in the course I have to speak on the Bible. Just that!  Such a wide open brief though strictly time-limited!  The first thing was the title - it seems to me that to call the Bible, God's Growth Book not only fits the nature of the group itself but sums up one of the important purposes of Scripture that by it we shall grow as people more into being God's people!  As 2 Tim 3:16 puts it.  All Scripture.. is shape us we may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.  

It also set me thinking about what key truths would I use as a framework.  Could I choose, say, 4 facts?  I know that many of you have great knowledge and experience with the Bible - what 4 main things would you say to a group like this?   That isn't a rhetorical question - I really would like to know! Send them to if you would prefer not to go public.

I'll give you mine as they emerged in my thinking.    

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