Monday, August 24, 2020

The Bible - God's Growth Book

Thinking about 4 key truths about the Bible I began:

1, It's the source book for Christianity - it's the only place to see Jesus' ministry, death and resurrection from historical eyewitnesses in the gospel records.  And it's the only place to read about the world Church's beginning together with Christian theology (God Talk) in the writings of apostles Paul, Peter, James, John.  It is essential first-hand reading. This seems an obvious point but it is critically important to realize that though Jesus didn't write a book, his life embedded in history is powerfully documented for the world only in the New Testament.

2) It's ONE whole story about God and his world -  the New Testament as the Jesus source book is Part 2 that must belong alongside Part 1 the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible of the Jews.  They belong together because only when read together is the whole story of God's dealings with us revealed.  Of course, for Christians the New Testament is the critical starting point. But, because Jesus was a Jew you cannot understand him nor his sacrifice upon the cross without the back-story in the Old Testament. 

Several people have summarized this one story through Part 1 and 2. One method uses 6 words beginning with C.   The first C lays the foundation for everything.  CREATION.  The truth that God created everything and every relationship with the intention that it would all be good in harmony with him - this is the conviction that undergirds the ONE story.   Probably you can guess the other C's?

CORRUPTION - sadly sums up the rebellion against God and breaking up of good relationships as people turn against God in self-willed living.  What the Bible calls sin.  

More in the next blog.

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