Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Follow Up

Tonight Carol and I were delighted to just catch Ron and Gill before they move away from the church house where they have been a great couple in ministry for 19 years at our Histon church.  The house is now bare as final removal occurs this weekend.  Carol mentioned that I had found the Ordination and Induction service leaflet for the beginning of their ministry at Stradbroke.

They appeared astonished!   Neither of them has a copy and were clearly surprised that I had found mine. 'Would you like to receive it?" I asked. ' Oh, yes!' they chorused.   Ron reminisced how it was an unusual service comprising both ordination and induction in the new church and Gill couldn't remember that she actually made a vow as Minister's wife.  I still cannot remember any other minister's wife making such a vow in the many services I shared in over the years.  And, what's more, she really fulfilled the vow:

Superintendent: Gill you have heard the commitment that Ron has made to this church, do you promise to encourage and support him as he exercises ministry in this church and community?

 Gill: Relying on God's help, I do.

My archives continue to contain far too much stuff but I am glad to have uncovered this at the propitious time - marking a beginning with a good ending! 

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