Tuesday, October 13, 2020


A particular rail journey came into my mind recently.  I was travelling up to York. We made good progress until north of Doncaster where we suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere.  Over the intercom, after a crackle ,came an assuring voice:' Good morning, this is your conductor speaking. I apologize for the delay but up ahead there is a train across the line.  I shall let you know more just as soon as I hear more details. I apologize for the delay,'  People smiled wearily in the carriage and I thought at least this man had told us what was happening though it did seem rather odd.

Fifteen minutes later came another crackle: 'Good morning, this is your conductor speaking. Did I say there was a train across the line? I meant to say there is a tree across the line.  They have called for a team to cut it down. I shall let you know when I am next told anything'.  There was amusement in the carriage but also a loss of confidence...how could someone make a mistake like that?  And, of course, it meant a lengthy delay to our journey

When we are on a journey there are some details that we want to be trustworthy and true.  And on the 'journey of life' it is critical for the living of lives and the end of lives and, indeed, for the end of time that we can be assured about the big picture ahead.  All this came to mind when I was reading Rev. 21: with its vision of God's future: Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true (v5).  That's what we need to hear! 

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