Friday, January 1, 2021

Disturbing our neighbours

 Yesterday evening as I prepared to go on our (short) early evening walk Carol proposed that we knock on neighbours' doors to wish them a Happy New Year to brighten up their lives.  I wish I could say that I jumped at the idea and congratulated Carol for her idea. Alas, I did not!  My introvert tendency plus the thought of disturbing neighbours on our cul-de-sac, all comfortably locked up for the night having to come to open freezing front doors, made me uncooperative.  However, she pointed out that if she did it on her own it would reflect badly on me.  I admitted I was in a lose-lose situation.

Maybe it could be a good idea?   So we proceeded down the road. True, each neighbour had to turn on hall lights and find the right key to open up (and it was a very cold night) but to my surprise they greeted us with genuine smiles and thanks. Relief perhaps that it was only us?  All together we knocked on 14 front doors (though two households seemed to be out) with continuous happy receptions and even a comment from one that we were doing such a nice thing!

Re-entering our warm house Carol drew out the moral of the story.  That my instincts had been proved utterly wrong while hers had been spot-on.  I guess this is another sign of our marriage working out because I had to agree with her!  And so we soldier on into another fresh year working on our complementary personality traits.   

May this day mark the beginning of a brighter New Year for you and positive working on complementary traits in your relationships.   

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D Suriano said...

I would have been in Carol's camp and Bill and you would have gone home. But think people are dying to get out and see a live soul. I'm glad you joined her.