Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sermon bombing

Last Sunday I was preaching on zoom for my local church.  I like to stand up to preach - for some reason sitting down doesn't work for me (though wandering from the microphone is unhelpful)!  Anyway, this means that I need to set up my laptop on several large books on the dresser in our small front bedroom. Do you need to know this, I hear you ask?   Well, to share in the service Carol and I sit down in front of the screen but when it comes to me standing up to preach she sidles off just out of sight of the screen.

Except, this Sunday she decided to check on my appearance.  Unknown by me she poked her head around the corner...twice.   At the service's  conclusion, during the breakout groups, it was clear that her appearance had been noted!   Indeed, one person took a photograph of her appearance which he showed the whole group.  Another person said that it was an obvious attempt at sermon bombing!.  We know how saboteurs sometimes break into zoom programmes!  

Serious readers of this blog may wonder what I was preaching on.  I centred on the Magnificat (Luke 1: 46-56) which is a thrilling way to begin the New Year.  As always happens when you give time to listening, all kinds of challenges hit me from Mary's song.  In the end I focused on two. Perhaps they deserve a separate blog?

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