Friday, September 2, 2022

Holiday Bonus

Out of the blue we have just been able to enjoy a week by the seaside in Minehead.  All the rooms in the Baptist Holiday Apartments were fully booked until 3 weeks ago when a couple of sets of people dropped out, So we seized the opportunity to go with our London family. Separate apartments - good idea!  Much was enjoyed together.

On our journey to the West Country we stopped at a mall and, in need of tea and tea-cake, we joined the queue in the M & S cafe.  As I neared the till the lady in front asked me whether I was having two drinks.  Somewhat surprised I confessed that I was. And I was even more surprised when she then produced two tokens for free drinks. 'I have these spare, so why don't you use them?; she said.  You can imagine I thanked her profusely.  It seemed a good omen for the holiday ahead.

Arriving in Minehead before our apartment was ready we were in need of another tea.  Going into a supermarket cafe, where other vital supplies such as bread and milk would be purchased, we peered at the options on view.  Behind us was an older lady who sweetly enquired whether we would like free drinks and slices of cake.  She had two tokens which unfortunately she could not use, expiring that day!   You can imagine our delight at the pattern emerging!  We thanked her profusely. She turned out to be a local. Enquiring where we were staying she commented that she knew it and that as Church of England she was happy to help some Baptists!

From then on we were on the lookout for ladies with spare tokens....but I guess this was already enough of a bonus.

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