Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bloggers' Fatigue

I could hardly believe a recent Chicago Tribune editorial, (April 14,2008), that claimed two well-known bloggers have recently died of heart attacks. Their deaths were linked, by some, to the "emotional stress" caused by unending pressures of producing new blogs. Already facing a demanding job and home life, the need to post yet another "worthwhile" blog can apparently push you over the very edge.

The newspaper gave sage advice: "The blunt truth is that most bloggers don't have the following they imagine they do. So lighten up, bloggers. Push away from the keyboard. The world won't notice a few less words. You want to aim for quality not quantity, which is hard to achieve if you're substituting Red Bull for sleep."

I do try to take a relaxed attitude - posting on issues as and when they strike me. But your comments are extraordinarily affirmative. Thank you for showing that one or two readers do follow along. And I shall hope to keep balanced about future blogging efforts!

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