Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Repeating sermons - OK?

Should preachers should repeat old sermons? Recently a preacher told me that he had never done this, and implied that somehow it was a shabby and unworthy practice.
Inevitably, for itinerant preachers like me, repeating sermons is a temptation. But, (as with so much else), doesn't it depend on motives? If a preacher lazily opts out of new responsibility by reheating stale stuff - then this is bad news. And, if a preacher peddles a five-star sermon thoughtlessly - more bad news.

Let me come clean! Over the next two Sundays, at First Baptist Church Wheaton, I am repeating two sermons preached a couple of months ago in the "God's Promises series." I hope this is no lazy opting out or thoughtless peddling. Because of others' quality collaboration earlier, (you can still read the blogs), and the depth of story telling involved, I believe these two messages should speak powerfully again - dependent on the Holy Spirit. Of course, they will be different this time - because I preach without notes, dynamics inevitably change. Actually, I have already spent several hours this week back with the Scriptures, immersed in preparation. So, I pray that with freshness God will speak again through Psalm 1 and 1 Peter 5:1-7. I believe He can! And it will still be demanding work for the preacher. So, some repetition is permissible?

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Quicke- I heard the messages you referred to ("God's Promises"), spoken at Calvary Memorial Church.

I think that if you witnessed the Holy Spirit working in people's hearts, then maybe it is a possible signal that God may even want you to share it with other churches and people.

I'm sure that if you fail to:
- pray
- meditate on Scripture
- ask God to give a fresh perspective to share

... then you will find that the message might fall flat.

I hope the message you shared with us speaks powerfully into people's lives, as it did for us.