Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time management

Mea culpa! I have just come across a talk I gave at Spring Harvest a few years ago on time management. Seeing my material was a wake-up call. It was set within biblical commands about effective stewardship of everything - including time. A (yellowing) overhead projection acetate highlighted five actions:
Do it now
Single touching
Good enough is good
Avoid waste
I think I challenged my listeners with some authority....but reading these again, I have much to confess! I do procrastinate, especially answering emails. I rarely deal with paper work decisively and immediately (single touching), nor does my largish perfectionist streak sit easily with "good enough is good." Delegation and avoiding waste (of time) remain targets. How easy it is to dish out advice at a conference (and really believe it!) and then return to my norm! But I do believe the Holy Spirit makes a difference not only to holiness but to wholeness - He wants to help me with time management too. I'm glad I've been reminded - already it's made a (much needed) difference.

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