Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyond Pulpits and Pews (2)

The Ministry Growth Seminar yesterday, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, lasted 3 and a half hours, and went out by satellite and internet streaming to an estimated 25,000 pastors and leaders right across the world! It was overwhelming (especially for a non-technie like me) to see the rows upon rows of transmitting equipment and electronic wizardry - with blinking lights and lit-up screens. Fortunately, for those of us who had to preach there was a live audience who gave us personal focus when we stood in front of the cameras.

I am immensely grateful to the organizers for the prayerful ways they had prepared the whole project and for their superb planning on the day. In question times, leaders were able to interact across the world. Powerful voices from Africa and Jamaica contributed in my session. We await further stories of responses but I am so grateful and humbled to have tasted something of the world church in an unforgettable day. What opportunities technology gives us, and how responsible before God we need to be in using it for Him!

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