Friday, April 3, 2009

Questions in Halifax

Over the next few days I am speaking at the Metro Keswick Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Some time ago, I jumped into preaching on some of the questions that Jesus asks in the gospel. Alongside famous questions like Mark 8:29 "Who do you say I am?" there are many others, some almost hidden. From a longer list, I asked the organizers to choose which questions they would like me to feature in the eight main sessions.

It's been thrilling to work on the outcome - a couple chosen were new to me, and take me into fresh places. Actually, responding to Jesus with an open heart and mind always does that! The event is called: "The Confrontational Jesus" and their website spells out more detail -

I know friends will be praying for me - I long for it to be a time of encounter with Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Christ's questions speaks to those seeking him today with the same clarity and power as when he originally spoke the words. His Spirit breathes life from them into us and in Christ's words, we do encounter Jesus. As you are yielded to Him, he will work through you and we do pray to that end for His glory.