Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beyond Pulpits and Pews

Next Tuesday, April 21st 2009, I am taking part in the Ministry Professional Growth Seminar which is broadcast by satellite and internet to thousands of pastors all over the world. Entitled: Beyond Pulpits and Pews, apparently, many thousands have signed up on ww.ministerialassociation.com. (It's free to register!) I shall be one of four speakers who include the redoubtable Fred Craddock - a most significant figure in the preaching world.

Challenged to speak to pastors about mission, I am focusing on Luke 4:14-21. Many see this as a key mission statement for the church today - it's global, subversive, impossible without Jesus, yet possible with Him in Nazareth...and our places. It's going to be a demanding day because, after each address (the organizer calls them "prectures" - half preach/half lecture), questions will be taken from pastors all round the world, and answered by a panel. What an opportunity to encourage leaders!

As always, I am grateful for prayer support from my internet friends.


Laura Viise said...

Dear Pastor,

I am so far behind on my MQ Blog reading. Maybe I will treat myself to a mini-marathon tonight after the kids go to bed. I am going to look if you posted a local speaking schedule (Illinois). John and I could really use one of your sermons... and I LOVE ASKING QUESTIONS!!

With Great Regard,

Laura and John Viise
Oak Park

Laura Viise said...

Just checked your schedule. We will try to get out to Aurora in June if at all possible.

L+J Viise

messenger said...

Prepare for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Put on the full armor of God
Message: To show faith you follow the instructions which are ordinances
1. Offer the sacrifice of repented IHS which is repent= Name your sins to God Almighty privately in prayer in the Name of His Son, Jesus then IHS.
IHS= Immerse(baptism in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost)
Sanctification(free from sin)
2. While in prayer ask God for understanding so you can Sow seed which is:
Sow= to read
Seed= the Word of God Almighty
3. Keep the Commandments and Statues they are the way of living for the righteous. Remember that Ordinances of God Almighty come and they must be done in order to prove that you have true faith. Always know that God says nothing unrighteous. He never mislead His people. If instructions you receive are contrary to His way of living remember never to do them because they are not His.
A word of knowledge: The Name of God Almighty is Yahweh in Hebrew.
wisdom for you:
Sin brings death to your soul
repentance brings life from the dead
light means no sin(repented, IHS)
darkness means sin(unrepented, IHS)