Monday, October 26, 2009


I have just returned from four days in Idaho, speaking to leaders in the Inland North Western Area of ABC churches. With five sessions, I was keen to develop some new material (always trying to gain feedback for my next book on worship!)... right up to the last minute. The flight (via Salt Lake City) took seven hours, and during much of that time I busied myself creating appropriate talks, with much writing (and crossings-out). Arriving at Spokane, the Area Executive Minister met me and took me for a tour of some spectacular countryside before depositing me in my lakeside room.

With gratitude for safe arrival I unpacked my notes on the desk to discover that I had left all my work on the plane. What! How could I have so stupidly placed all this work in the seat pocket in front of me....and then walked off? I felt so silly.

The saga of the next three hours hardly bears repeating. Yes, I prayed! SW airlines at Spokane airport claimed there was no yellow plastic folder full of notes left on my flight. I begged them to keep looking and said I would call back in an hour. Meanwhile, I was plagued by how best to fill the sessions. An hour later they said there was still no trace. I pleaded: "But if the plane was cleaned someone must have found them...surely they wouldn't have thrown the fat file away." But would they? The woman on the phone said there was one more thing she could check. 3 minutes later she announced they HAD found it! Great was my rejoicing as you can imagine! A pastor, driving past the airport to the conference, was contacted and then brought them into me.

I learned several sharp lessons in a hurry. How easy it is to do silly things...and how grateful I am for prayers answered!


Anonymous said...

How easy it is to do silly things--true.

Anonymous said...

A story well told. An area visited, most beautiful. A speaker worth listening too. A preacher who knows preaching. How do I know, because I was at the Idaho Conference. Thanks Michael for your words of wisdom.
Bob Blum