Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preaching at Wheaton (5)

On June 13th. I shall preach on the next searching question, in John 5:6: "Do you want to get well?" As before, I welcome you to join with me in immersing in the whole story of the healing at the pool in John 5:1-15.

Let me remind of the preparation process I am trying to follow (!):
1) Prayerfully read John 5:1-5 out aloud, spending quality time immersing yourself into this story. Listen with the help of the Holy Spirit.
2) Ask what God is saying and doing in this encounter, especially when Jesus asks this invalid of 38 years the question: "Do you want to get well?" Responding to Scripture means not only understanding its message (what it says) but obeying what is does, at it makes fresh demands on our lives.
3) What surprises you about Jesus' question?
4) Join in with me as I ask the same questions and try to focus on what I call the sermon's main impact: "By God's grace what this sermon will SAY is....and DO is...."
5) If you are able, post your own insights on my blog.
6) Keep praying for the worship on June 13th.
7) And, yes....please post your responses on my blog in the days afterwards.

I am so grateful for all the love of the church family at Wheaton already so evident with just one Sunday gone. Pastor Mike Rowe and Maggie are due to have landed in Turkey earlier today on their sabbatical, and we keep praying for them a time of deep refreshment too.

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