Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elmhurst Sermon (2) August 28th.

I am grateful for all the preparations going on for gathered worship next Sunday (with sermon [1]). Today I received emails about the prayers of intercession, which will involve three people taking part on Sunday. Great care is evident not only about content and length, but about the necessary attitude of spirit ('poor in spirit').

But, already I am being stretched as I think ahead to sermon (2) which will preached in a large outdoor worship service in the center of downtown Elmhurst on August 28th. I mentioned in a recent posting how several evangelical churches are combining, and the organizers have given me the text: 2 Cor. 5: 14-21. What an honor to be able to preach to such a gathering that wants to show Elmhurst its unity of faith and of mission in Jesus Christ.

The text is very challenging. With a shorter time than usual, I shall need to be aware of very different dynamics. I shall let you know how the sermon is developing. But I wonder what advice you would give me about preaching in an open-air setting to such a group of people. What do you think I particularly need to keep in mind as I prepare? I really value your input.


Anonymous said...

You'll do great!

Kara and Ben said...

Hi Michael,

I liked and appreciated how you set the scene with a photo and the map of the site where Jesus proclaimed the Beatitudes. It was helpful to hear and see that geographic info. I would suggest that you help illustrate a similar scene about Corinth and Achaia when preaching outdoors. Perhaps you're already working on something along those lines. Blessings!