Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A very unusual request

A couple of weeks ago I heard from a student who attends a church in Chicago. He said that after 5 years his church had decided to start preaching again and that a number of people were keen to form a preaching team. Would I conduct a workshop to help train this group?

Of course, I said "Yes" (- who could refuse a request like this?) Actually, I am due to lead this workshop next week. But I am intrigued that they have gone several years without preaching. Why? As a small church with a part-time pastor I guess there may have been a loss of enthusiasm for preaching or, perhaps, they allowed other priorities to squeeze it out. Indeed, I have been asked to give an introduction to briefly emphasize how vital preaching is! I know my student is very committed to preaching and, maybe, behind this request lies his influence on other church members.

But what an unusual request! It marks a first in my experience. I look forward to reporting back to you.

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