Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Exciting Day

Every so often a tingling day occurs, chock full of excitement. This morning I met with 11 worship leaders at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church to start planning their worship services beginning August 21st. I shared details about the forthcoming Beatitude series, and listened (on the edge of my chair) as these new friends made first responses and began to hone in on details. What marvelous collaboration! One of them said that she had come to the meeting with dread because the beatitudes seemed almost too familiar and even dull. But after a few minutes she delightedly told us how she had changed her mind about their relevance. I sensed great excitement all round and left the meeting thrilled at this new worship opportunity.

A little later, I was able to join a lunch-time meeting of pastors from eight Elmburst churches who are sharing a joint outdoor worship service on August 28th. (when I shall preach). It will be held on a parking lot in downtown Elmhurst - 1500 chairs will accommodate members from these churches with a mass choir and communion. It was so refreshing to hear these pastors talk about their common vision to present the gospel as a united presence to the town of Elmhurst. I left with a powerful prayer ringing in my ears - full of conviction and faith - offered by one of those pastors. Wow!

Both these commitments mean plenty of blogging lies ahead (beginning tomorrow with the August 21st. service). But this evening, after supper with friends from Wheaton College, Carol and I returned home at dusk to find a package on the doorstep. It was the first copy of my new book: Preaching as Worship! It is weirdly wonderful holding this book after all these years. It is so long ago that I wrote some of it -turning the pages has been quite an adventure. It will be out officially on September 1st. but what a great way to end the day. Carol said that while she was watching a hospital program on TV (not my thing!) I ought to post a blog about this exciting day. And so I have, with thankgiving to the Lord who allowed me to experience all this. I hope you too have days that are worth celebrating!

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