Sunday, November 3, 2013

501 posts so far!

Since writing about being in the teaching groove now that term had begun, I have been down deeper than I imagined (sometimes almost submerged) with particularly deep patches as in my three days away at Anderson University (S. Carolina) two weeks ago, giving the Broadus Lectures and connecting with a DMin group.  Thoughout it's been exhilarating as well as demanding, but has left little time for kicking the leaves or writing posts.

Yet, in spite of my recent blogging absence, this post marks number 501 for postings on my blog,  spanning six years. Wow, 500!  I have a couple or so reactions on reaching this milestone:
  • surprise.   I remember the tentative beginning (at the urging of my son Rob) and trying to understand the odd nature of writing publicly without a clear agenda,  wondering if I could avoid ego-trips of personal journaling and if anyone (apart from one or two loyal friends) would ever read it.  Seriously, would it contribute anything and be worth the effort?   The surprise has been the network of readers (admittedly not a very large one) that has followed me through thick-and-thin.  I think the most startling evidence was during my sudden cancer discovery and surgery when so many contacts followed through my progress, courtesy of Carol's hand on my blog.  I would expect such immediacy on Facebook but my little ol' blog provided a wonderful circle of support. 
  • collaboration.  Some of the best moments among the 500 past posts have been occasions of collaboration over preparing sermons (as at Calvary Memorial, Oak Park) or working on different preaching themes, book and journal ideas etc.  I have received some real insights as friends have participated in these ways.  I have always been convinced of the need for participatory leadership and to my joy my little ol' blog has provided a forum. 
  • guilt.  I confess that my posting have been highly erratic.  Some bloggers manage to sustain interesting posts at regular innternals.  Not me!   During collaboration projects it has been easier but too often days have passed while I dithered about whether a post was too 'devotional' or 'personal', or bluntly just downright 'trite' and ended up posting nothing at all!  Thank you for your patience.  
So, for sharing in the blogging adventure so far, thank you.  I have no idea whether the length of time between posts 500 and 501 is a sign of the slowing pace of my future (in)activity but I shall aim to post no. 502 before another month passes!

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