Friday, November 8, 2013

Hallelujah! Two years on!

Yesterday I visited my cancer surgeon for my two year appointment.  When he first operated on me he commented that the first two years were especially critical for testing because this is when escaping cancer cells show up.   So, after four six-monthly tests of my PSA at levels which they call 'undetectable' (even though they give numbers) I heard him say that he was as pleased as could be about my progress. 'At this stage the news could not be any better', he said, with a big smile on his face.   He was not the only one smiling and giving thanks for prayers answered.   Of course, regular six-monthly testing continues for the next three years but what a wonderful outcome. 

The nurse who dealt with me initially (weighing, blood pressure, updating details etc) at first seemed rather grim.  I would have much preferred one of the other nurses in the department whom I had met before.  Conversation was monosyllabic until she looked at me and suddenly asked: 'Do you know God?'  When I replied I did, and that I was a pastor who was currently training preachers at a seminary, her face lit up.  'What kind of pastor?' she asked.  "A Baptist' I replied.  Her face now shone radiantly. 'So am I', she said.  She reached across and shook my hand, 'You are my brother', she exclaimed. I hadn't yet spoken to my surgeon but this was a wonderful and surprising beginning to what turned out to be a very positive hospital visit.

So, Hallelujahs all round!  Thank you to our good Lord, and to all the many friends who have prayed and supported me through the ordeal.

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