Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Best foot forward

It's just four months since I had surgery on my ankle and began rather plaintiff postings about my slow progress from inert bed rest through wheelchair to two crutches... and then (wobbling badly) to one crutch.  One or two folk have kindly asked about my latest condition.

Quite remarkably, and it is remarkable, I have transitioned in the last month from my first painful unaided steps (with protesting muscles and tissues afterwards) to incremental walks.  Today I managed a fairly fast paced half-an-hour through the fields behind our house. The improvement has been exponential though the swelling and some continuing pain reminds me it will take many months yet for a complete recovery.

But, this is what really caught my attention.  A Canadian physiotherapist has been visiting our church.  She has witnessed my recent progress and always asks with professional interest about my foot - with encouragement to keep my physio exercises going!   In her last conversation she said, 'You do realize that your ankle will be stronger than ever now that you have all this extra metal structure in your foot.  You will be surprised how strong it is compared to the other leg!'  What a positive spin to put on the accident!  There's a surprising paradox in Scripture about strength coming out of weakness.  On a mundane level I really do look at my leg differently - once broken now renewed.  So, when I think of putting my best foot forward in 2015....maybe its the damaged one that has now been strengthened!

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