Saturday, January 10, 2015


Yesterday proved delightful.  Carol and I reconnected with Andrew whom I have known since he was a schoolboy in my first church in Blackburn in 1972.  Later our paths crossed dramatically when he became a student at Magdalene College Cambridge and also (as a very gifted young man) became Director of Music at my Cambridge church.  Here he met his wife and flourished.  We met them both again over lunch.

Interestingly, while Andrew was in Cambridge his parents moved here for the last part of their retirement and so the family was reunited in the 80's.  You can imagine the fun we had as we reflected over their Cambridge time.. So many names and memories from the past.  At one point as I mentioned his parents (and the debt I owed them both) he commented wistfully that I knew his mother in her prime.  Sadly, Andrew's wife never did.

Today, reflecting on the joy of reconnecting I happened upon a serendipity.  On Dec. 3rd. my Blogpost mentioned that a bizarre thing occurred just as I was preparing to write some bible study notes on Ephesians. I found a collection of yellowing newspaper columns (also on Ephesians) cut out and sent to me by a lady in my church. Extraordinarily, I discovered these cuttings in an old art materials' box. Written in 1984-5 they had somehow survived several house moves and major decluttering efforts!

Why mention this again? Because today I saw on the floor a crumpled letter dated Oct. 26, 1986. It had accompanied the cuttings and dropped by the bookcase. She writes about a Brazilian pastor who had heard me give one study at the national Baptist assembly and hoped I might put all 36 columns into book form, or somehow provide copies.  And, yes, the letter came from Andrew's mother!  I know that Andrew sometimes reads my blogs - I promise to show you the letter next time I see you!  But what amazing connections there are!  Will heaven be like this, full of connections in God's glory?  I hope so.

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