Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stroke alert (2)

So many friends from our past have flooded us with prayers and support.   Carol's Facebook page has been red hot. (Alas, I rarely use mine).  The sense of being borne up by the love and care of so many has been wonderful.  Just wonderful.

From my side the news has largely been same as, same as.  The drugs at first knocked me out but I am adjusting.  Feeling is back 90% and though daily blood pressure readings continue a rocky profile they are generally downward from those first days.  Each day passes in a dozy daze.

The next major event is a MRI scan on Friday to check if a brain bleed precipitated my episode. Sadly, my family has a history of brain bleeds so we wonder if that is the problem.  So continued prayers will be valued immensely and I will post as soon as I know MRI results.  Sorry for this medical bulletin - hopefully there will not be too many more.  And days of dozy daze will pass!

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