Friday, October 6, 2017

Totally jazzed

Someone asked me recently whether my involvement in the 'preaching world' has dropped off now that I no longer have heavy commitments in the US.  It is a revealing question.  Partly because there are definitely fewer opportunities in the UK., but also because my most recent conference (scheduled for two weeks ago) was cancelled ten days before it was due to happen. Why? Because of 'lack of take-up' said the organizer!  It was a conference in Cambridge for preachers with a poet, story teller and myself speaking on 'Words of Wonder' with workshops. It sounded interesting...but perhaps not!

However, next week I am speaking on Preaching as Disciplemaking at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity in central London.  A new programme is being launched calling for Whole-Life Preaching and I am kicking the event off with an address followed by a feedback session. In the words of a US speaker I once heard, 'I am totally jazzed by this opportunity.'  It really does excite me. I have appreciated LICC since it started and have come to know some of its staff but what a delight to have a little part in an event which is definitely going to happen!   And it's about preaching though the choice of subject has pushed me into some fresh ways of thinking about it.

Another good thing is that the organizers are busy praying for the conference day.  How thrilling to know that prayer is considered as such a practical necessity. It's just great and I am jazzed!

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