Tuesday, January 15, 2019

An intermission

I regret to write that I seem to have contracted pneumonia and have been in bed the last five days.  I say 'seem' because the doctor does not yet know the cause of the partially collapsed lung...X rays, blood tests and sputum sample were all done when I was still upright (though coughing for England!).  The X ray shows a problem area but until the Chest Clinic examines this in more detail we do not know exactly what it is.

At the moment we are going with pneumonia which is unpleasant enough.  This means (I hope) a short gap in my posts, because even writing this gives a certain weariness. As many of you can testify in your own experience, the prayers, thoughts and practical action of so many friends have been immensely supportive.  Belonging to God's people brings such a depth of encouragement and both Carol and I know God's presence as in those John Donne words:
He brought light out of darkness, not out of a lesser light; He can bring your summer out of winter, though you have no spring; 
Though in the ways of fortune or understanding or conscience, you have been benighted till now...... now, God comes to you.  Not as in the dawning of the day, not as in the bud of the spring, but as the sun at noon...... 
I am at the Clinic on Thursday afternoon and will report back.  Thank you for being part of the caring circle.

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Andrew Martin said...

Prayers as always, Michael.