Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Next step,

Thank you so much for prayer and support in my medical saga - the latest prayer target, please, needs to focus on the bronchoscopy procedure that I must undergo tomorrow afternoon (Weds.) at 4:00 pm.  Obviously, the mystery mass in the lung requires more attention and a biopsy.

I only received details about the bronchoscopy three hours ago when the clinic insisted that it happen as soon as possible.  The speed of these different procedures is mightily impressive - a chest X ray the same day it was requested, a result the same night, the consultancy appointment a week later, followed by the CT scan with dye the next day.  And now the bronchoscopy within two weeks of the
start.   As my doctor said: 'The National Health Service can really move fast when you are very unwell!'   But there's a sting there!

Anyway, we remain full of trust and hope and will report back when things become clearer. 

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