Friday, January 18, 2019

One of the 9...but

Friday evening - we have just returned from hospital after the CT scan with dye.  Warned that we would hear nothing until Monday I was startled when my cell phone rang in the hospital cafeteria.  It was my lung cancer specialist carer who wanted us to hear the news so that we did not have a 'hard weekend of waiting'.  He had made special effort to access the scan results. And the news is good.  No cancer was found in the lung mass nor in the lymph nodes.  So none of the malignancy that the consultant seemed to be expecting!   We are so grateful.

However, the lung is still partially collapsed and the mass still shows something is amiss. He said that I would be called back for tests, X rays etc.  So this pneumonia thingy continues to cause some mystery but the main fear of lung cancer has gone.  Praise God...this time I am one of the 9 not the tenth (see last post!)   For your prayers and concern we continue to be so grateful and tonight we rejoice.

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