Monday, March 30, 2020

Now...towards Week 26!

For friends who have kindly followed my dystonia travails I need to give today's update.  When I called the neurological department's secretary she told me (in pastoral tones!) that not only was my consultant unavailable but that all appointments in the clinic had been cancelled for April.

Suddenly, holding on for my botulinum injections has a wide-open dimension. Really wide open. Always, in past experience, twisting and aches have accompanied any delay.  As I mentioned last time, I am still amazed and grateful that I am not yet suffering these predictable problems.

There can be only two reasons.  First, and vitally, prayer has been sustaining me. A tangible awareness of the strengthening power of healing prayer has accompanied me through this.  I know many friends have been remembering me. Second, it is extraordinary how I been put on this Parkinson drug following my visit to the sleep clinic at the beginning of March.  It is strong medicine which you build up over a month and in its maximum amount it can cause vomiting and extreme tiredness (plus delusion and paranoia).  I have certainly suffered the first two side-effects...Carol hasn't noticed that last two yet.  However, because it is a Parkinson drug and dystonia is a branch of Parkinson's wouldn't it be a quite wonderful further side-effect if it can hold off my deterioration?   Of course, this is all part of the bigger issue of prayer!

Thank you for remembering me through this. All the time now we are hearing of others' distressing situations which put my woes into perspective. We all need to support each other don't we?

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RLang101 said...

I have been meaning to reach out to you but forgive me I just never did. Today in these times Jess and I were talking and reminiscing about those who we have had the gift of knowing in our lives. Sitting out back we remembered the occasions when we would invite you and Carol over for some wine and a talk. I then remember I never let you know that I earned my Doctorate degree liked your asked me too so long ago. I rented it on 2016! Anyway I found this and hope you are doing well in these times. Jess and I are keeping you and Carol in our thoughts and prayers. And miss having the pleasure of you next door. Tell Carol we say hello. Take care and God bless. Bob and Jess your old neighbors.