Sunday, March 22, 2020

Worship going zoom

Today was my first experience of worshiping courtesy of Zoom with my local Baptist church in Histon.  I know that some of you online aficionados will use zoom frequently and are used to its capabilities, but to my novice eyes it was quite extraordinary to see all these little video screens joining up friends at church.  Before the service we were all unmuted and so greetings flew across cyberspace.  As worship time drew near we were muted and the four people taking part in the service were highlighted in turn.

We are remarkably fortunate to have a professional IT expert who masterminded the ambitious linking together of videos, power-point, shared Scripture, unison congregational prayer with the sermon.  Of course, it wasn't the same as being in church....but it was a truly powerful coming together.  And at the end, unmuted again, we shared news.  At one point the spotlight surprised me and as I gave thanks for the worship experience Carol asked for prayers as I await a desperately needed neurological injection (over 4 weeks late).  Immediately someone requested prayer for me in which the whole church joined  All these little pictures of friends sharing together.  Quite wonderful.

Technology has brought blessings and curses.  This was definitely a great blessing. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to allow our online congregation to meet today.

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