Thursday, June 11, 2020

1000th post

To my astonishment this is my 1000th post since a tentative beginning in Nov 2007.  My son, Rob, pushed me to start this venture at a time when setting up blogs was in fashion long before Twitter etc. At that point I was teaching as well as being interim preacher in the US which gave me a considerable amount of material.  In particular I discovered the value of cooperating with others in the preparation of sermons by inviting their exegesis and life experiences into my posting process. This became so important that I wrote it up in my book Preaching as Worship. I was thrilled by members of the congregation excitedly talking about these preaching blogs.  That's all part of my astonishment about how these posts have worked.

Since returning to England and nudging into retirement there is much less interaction like this.  You may have noticed that increasingly they have had a devotional and journalling style.  It's not that I do not have strong views on issues like 'Black Lives Matter' which hit me hard when engaging with my African American students in Chicago. Before that I came of age as a young minister in Blackburn when I wrote a pamphlet for the Council of Churches which was published to go through neighbourhood letter boxes in order to confront the growing tide of racism in the city....and very quickly I discovered how some in my congregation regarded me as naive and out of touch.  Yes, there are big important social and political issues that deserve comment and bravery.

By and large I have written on an odd mix of personal subjects, sometimes very personal (as with my illnesses).  I continue to wonder about their worthiness to share. I really do!  But I know from the stats that some of you seem to find something of interest. So, I shall push on for a little longer.  The important thing to say is:  Thank You for troubling to click on through the years.

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