Friday, June 19, 2020


That's what friends said a few moments ago when we told them that the hospital had called me with details of the neurological department's reopening.  And, yippee, I have been given the first appointment next Thursday morning for my dystonia injections.  Sadly my consultant is still very unwell so I have a new specialist to see but I am so grateful that the sojourn is coming to an end.

It will have been 33 weeks since my last injection and the experience has been extraordinary - as I have shared in past blogs.  After 16 weeks I should have been markedly deteriorating, not only listing to the right as my head and body turned but also in considerable pain.  In the past this has disabled me almost completely. The co-incidence (God-incidence) that I was put on a Parkinson drug because of an entirely different problem from the Papworth sleep clinic seems to have been part of the remarkable story through all these weeks.  My twisting and pain have been minimal and though I need treatment I believe that prayer and these patches have held me upright and well.

So, gratitude again for all your prayers and support and for the ways that God can work things together for good.  Yes, yippee

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Unknown said...

What amazing news & points to a loving & faithful God.