Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Weird Life

I mentioned that title in my last post - 'A Weird Life'.  I do not believe that I have some special anointing of weirdness.  Brought up in a Baptist minister's family has some immediate strangeness but many others have endured that!  What qualifies as weird, however, is the sheer amount of God in my story partly because of my background but mainly within the rest of the story so far.  The percentage of Godness is extraordinarily high. I know this high percentage may put off even some of my own grandchildren from reading it. But I will invite them to make the effort because my life cannot be understood without this living God dimension.

Many lives have twists and turns which from a secular standpoint can be explained without recourse to God.  I think some of my twists and turns can only be explained by recourse to God. God-incidences can often be explained away but when they keep happening and they lead to a full life it can add up to a weirdly wonderful life.

My father once said to me: 'Even if Christianity was proved to be false,it is still the best way to live.'  Of course he had no doubt about the truth of Jesus Christ's mission for the world but his point was that many things happen along the Christian way because to take Jesus seriously really is the best way to live.

I think I might summarize one or two issues emerging in this story in future posts.

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