Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Reflections

Asking a friend this morning how her Christmas had gone, she paused thoughtfully and said:"None of it worked out as we had hoped. Illness and snow interrupted all the family plans. But, when I think about it, there were a few good things!' Actually, listening to her woeful story I can well understand why she had to reflect hard to find some positives.

Frankly, some of our Christmas plans didn't work out either. The friends we were due to visit on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were hit hard by a bug and so we spent those days on our own. However, late on Boxing Day our family turned up to spend three wonderful days with us. Looking back, and thinking about it, there were several good things!

  • two great Christmas services on Saturday and Sunday which helped us to focus our celebration on Jesus by well-prepared worship. Exhilarating Immanuel stuff!

  • a tumultuous family visit with the grandchildren enjoying their first sleep-over with us. There's nothing like waking up with your grandchildren, munching breakfast and then walking to the river to feed the ducks. Squeals of excitement and much innocent fun.

  • experiencing authentic English small town life - a charming town square and narrow streets packed with Christmas interest. And the privilege of living in an old cottage with open log fire, sharing conversation in the flickering light (plus toasted marshmallows).

  • time for relaxed reading, such as a Christmas present: A 1950's Childhood by Paul Feeney that captured my childhood exactly in so many ways. And, of course, the many Christmas letters from friends across the world.

I hope that you have some positive reflections too!

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