Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jesus on a list

Elton John was the guest editor of The Independent last week and he gave us some lists under the heading: Read my lists - and I'll tell you who I am. The first list was: 10 things I liked when I was 25 that I don't like now. This included: driving, travelling, alcohol/drugs and celebrity.

The second list was: 10 things I didn't like when I was 25 that I do like now. This included: photography, contemporary art, peace and quiet/staying in. But at number 9 was - Jesus Christ.

That brought me up with a jolt. What did it mean that Jesus Christ was a 'thing' he didn't like 25 years ago but now does? Has he been on a faith journey, or what? And does placing him at number 9 show Jesus' relative unimportance still? How intriguing to find the Lord's name showing up on a pop icon's list in this way. He made me think what I would put under similar headings....and how I would sum up my faith in 25years' stages.

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