Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh no!

Some imaginative readers will be wondering what happened next after the last posting. In their mind's eye seeing us huddled in the warm waiting for the drips. Well, four hours later the mini -flood began as water spurted from (what turned out to be) three splits in two pipes hidden in the wall. Unfortunately, I turned the wrong water tap off (which in my defence looked like the mains tap) and as the water spilled into the main room we searched for another tap. Finding it hidden behind a large box, it then refused to yield to my efforts. As water seeped further we were saved by the plumber Joe who deftly, with large tools and mighty grunts turned the water off. He then worked hard to repair the leaks with new piping.

I felt so sorry calling the house owners who are visiting family in Australia. When you have people staying in your house you should be able to relax. But, our unavoidable absence at Spurgeon's had coincided with extraordinary cold to do the damage. The houseowner was so gracious in response and showed the best of Christmas, Christian spirit. We now are drying out and hoping for no more disasters of any kind!

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wsuriano said...

I had a thing with cars breaking down whenever I was heading home from college for a holiday. It got to the point that no one would ride home with me (and share the gas) given my reputation for breakdowns. It took nearly a generation to overcome the stigma. That bad rap pales in comparison to Carol, you and water leaks.