Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Frustration

We have so looked forward to our seven days in London in order to see our family - especially our grandchildren Luca and Anton who were due to appear in their school Christmas plays. We anticipated being audience members puffed up with pride! Living overseas this was our first opportunity and we were going to seize it. But as we drove to London the news struck...Luca had swine flu and would miss the productions. The next day, Anton was diagnosed with swine flu too and missed his big day.

This latest outbreak has been malevolent claiming at least 15 lives and so we were told to stay well away. Luca had made good progress so today (Saturday) Simon said he would drive over with him to Spurgeon's College so that we could at last see one another. Well....over 4 inches of snow fell in a short space of time even as they were travelling to see us. They arrived but almost immediately had to turn around to avoid getting stuck in ever deteriorating conditions. Of course, we tried to make the most of the 15 minutes together!

Frustration is the word. As I commented last week, it's important to keep remembering that Jesus as Lord continues to reign over everything. That puts swine flu and snow into perspective but it's still frustrating.

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