Sunday, January 1, 2012

Being Intentional

Reflecting on yesterday's post made me realize how important it is to focus intentionally on specific God words. Those of us who go to church services, attend Christian meetings and read daily devotions have so many words, good words, directed at us. I sometimes think of the sermons I preach (and hear) and realize how every week they layer more and more promises and challenges on top of each other. Every time I read Scripture something jumps out as important.

Now, of course, we should expect fresh daily words to sustain us. Yet, the very mountain of daily words can bury key challenges God has for us. The multiplicity of important good words so overwhelms that we do not act on any particular one!

I have placed Col 3: 17 in block letters on my prayer desk to make sure it does not get buried too quickly. In order for its power to make a difference I must be intentional. Less is more. I look forward to other fresh words but I know this New Year verse will go the way of all resolutions unless I am intentional in focus and prayer.

I am saying the New Year's prayer:
O God, our heavenly Father, grant us your grace that in this new year we may begin all that we do, in word and deed, in the name of Jesus, and through him give praise to you; and continue and increase therein all the days of our life until at last, when time is ended, we may praise and adore you in eternity, through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

HAPPY NEW YEAR with intention!

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