Friday, January 6, 2012

Cancer Interrupts (3)

So many people have kindly asked: "How do you feel?" It's easy to answer on the physical level. Even though the cancer has been growing for many years I don't feel any different today now that I know! Of course, the emotional level is more complex. Three weeks today I have my surgery but each day of waiting seems wearingly longer than usual. Dark thoughts can break in and the sheer uncertainty of everything can puncture the hopefulness. And I know it is more difficult for Carol than for me as I continue to work. Teaching begins next Monday and I have a full schedule, including a day conference on January 21st. which positively fills this time of waiting.

However, on the spiritual level, which should hold together the physical and emotional, I do know God's love and encouragement. I am reminded that the Holy Spirit is not just the Comforter (a traditional translation of the Greek paraclete). He is certainly that , but he is the come-alongside Lord who enables us to cope with life courageously...and our waiting bravely. Part of the word comforter comes from fortis - which means brave. The Holy Spirit puts bravery, strength, iron and guts into living. That's the strength I am seeking to live by.

Thank you for all your messages, stories and prayers. We have been deeply moved by your support and shall keep you in the picture.


David Fitch said...

Dude, we're praying with you. Blessings as you walk through this journey with Christ!

Martin Tarr said...

Be assured that all your friends from Robert Hall days are thinking of you and Carol this week, and praying that you will find strength and healing. [Isaiah 43:1-2!]