Sunday, January 29, 2012

We're Home!!!

"Good morning everybody. First, thanks to those who commented on yesterday's blog post - thanks so much for your love and prayers.

Second, we are amazed that they discharged Michael from the hospital last night, considering that he is in much pain and great discomfort. However, it's great to have him home! We have come home with hospital supplies so I feel like I could earn a credit in a nursing course! They have given me so many instructions.

Tomorrow I have to call and get him an appointment on Thursday afternoon, as they have made it for two weeks time, instead of one. This wait will be too much discomfort for him.

Please pray that the blood/tissue results will show that they have indeed got all the cancer from this radical surgery.

With deep gratitude for your prayers, love and thoughts,



Caleb Smith said...

Praying for God's peace, strength and healing.

Caleb & Janine

Anonymous said...

Keeping you lifted in prayer....
Kelly Wunderlich

Anonymous said...

Keeping you and Dr. Quicke in prayer. May the Great Physician bring speedy relief from discomfort and good test results.

Karen Oglesby

StanleyAstley said...

Up a bit early to check this latest blog!
Good news at last.Dont bully him nurse!
We continue to pray for you Mike.LRBC are all rooting for you,so you will be ok,your faith will see you through this ....
Bless you both.
Stan & Joan

Alistair said...

Great to know you are home. Carol will be the perfect nurse. May God give strength and ongoing healing each day.
Alistair & Alison

Vanu Kantayya said...

Praying for Dr. Quicke's quick recovery and all to be well with the results of the tests. Also praying for strength for you as you cope during this difficult time. The Lord be with you all at this time and may his grace carry you through!
Vanu Kantayya

David Fitch said...

praying much ... that God speeds the recovery!!

Curryanne said...

Glad to hear you are home. I can relate in November, I had shoulder surgery. Following surgery 5 hours later I was home. I was not feeling great but thankful Dave was there to be Nurse and spiritual uplifter. I bet that you, Carol are just that's rosin for Michael that Dave was for me. PRICELESS !! Prayer is still coming your way along with my congregation

Anonymous said...

Well the released him because insurance companies don't like to pay one second more than they have to. On the up side, don't we all feel better in our own home and our own bed? I know I do. Please tell him that I pray for the two of you daily and I am asking God to relieve his pain. As for you be a nursing student, I understand but I bet you are the best nurse he has had so far. You treat him with love. How wonderful to have him home and the two of you together and God is with you and so are all our prayers.
In His love
Michele Beck

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carol, for posting the blog. Please continue. We are praying for both of you and trust the tissue results are very good!


John and Donna

Michael Kooy said...

Thanks for the update. I am praying for God's healing and for a good lab report. Michael Kooy