Friday, January 27, 2012

The Day of the Surgery

"Hi everyone, Carol here, hijacking my husband's blog on this occasion as he's too ill to speak for himself.

Michael's surgery was today and after a very long day we learned that the surgeon thought that he had removed all of the known cancer visible to the eye and was now waiting on the tissue results from the lab, which we won't get until the end of next week. Those results will tell us if it has spread or not, and we are praying that it hasn't.

As of tonight, Michael is feeling very unwell, after suffering an asthma attack in the recovery room finding it very hard to breathe. This was very nasty and upsetting for him as well as us!

We are so grateful for all your prayers, love and concern during this time. Please continue to pray that all will be well and that tomorrow he will be feeling much stronger and in less pain.


Carol Quicke."


Ben & Kara said...

sending love and prayers from Minnesota. Thanks for the update, Carol!

Pastor Adron Robinson said...

Thanks for the update the Board members have been asking about Michael all day. You guys are in our prayers!


Kelley and Dave Robbins said...

Kelley and Dave, as well as all your family at FBC Wheaton, continue to pray for complete healing for Michael and rest for you all. So glad Rob can be with you this weekend!

Sue Barker said...

Hi Carole
Thank you so much for the update on Michael. We will continue to remember you both in our prayers.
With much love from Bob and Sue Barker (formerly Wilson - from Spurgeons)

Curryanne said...

Thank tou for the update. Remember rest and eating well are your ways of helping Michael's recovery. Blessings and prayers of healing coming your way.

Martin Tarr said...

Thanks for keeping us in touch with Michael's progress. We'll continue to pray for you both, especially for strength and the Lord's peace as you wait for the lab work to be finished.

Ruth Montacute said...

Thinking of you! Praying for Michael's recovery. Love from Ruth x

Steve and Linda Kellough said...

Michael and Carol, We thank the Lord for successful surgery and continue to petition Him for healing and recovery. Our prayers are for encouraging reports from the doctors and an ongoing sense of Christ's remarkable presence in these challenging days. We join the many others in expressing our love and care for you both.

--Steve and Linda Kellough

Anonymous said...

Carol, thanks for commandeering the blog to send this update! We are so glad the surgery is over and will continue to pray for you and Michael in this journey. Paul and Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Carol I am praying for you and Mike and I know the Lord is with us all. What a hard time that had to be waking up and having an asthma attack. I am so glad it is over and I pray he is resting well today. I pray you get some rest to, I do know this has to be so hard on you. Is there anything I can do for either of you? Let me know I will be honored to help. God bless you and remember I am here praying for you. I Have the prayer request up on my blog as well. God bless and In His love

StanleyAstley said...

Awaiting your next update,keeping you in our prayers.
The Lord be with you at this time.

David Fitch said...

Praying much for you all during this time!! thanks for the update Carol!