Thursday, January 24, 2019

Waiting with hope

Yesterday's bronchoscopy apparently involved a rinsing as well as a biopsy. The doctor speculated that because I have an unusually narrow wind pipe (or whatever the proper anatomical term is!) into the lung which went into spasm during the procedure this might be responsible for some of the problem.  But who knows. Until the biopsy results we cannot be sure about anything though he did reassure me (with a wry smile) that I did not have mad cow disease which is featured in the clinic literature.  I am sure that's his one-liner with most of his patients.

So..more waiting.  I am booked in the Respiratory Clinic at the end of February and I am sure they hope that, providing the biopsy uncovers nothing sinister, the lung will have reflated by then.  But it is a time of waiting with deep hope in God's good purposes.  So many of you have been in touch from all over the globe - Carol's facebook page has been red hot.  Thank you for all your prayers and support in our weird time. 


Unknown said...

My dear friend
Can you remember Stan Evans from COP and then of course Clonmel!! What a great ministry we have both been gifted. I was made Provost of Tuam some three years ago and now at the age of 75 have been appointed priest in charge of the Anglican Chaplaincy of St laurences in Lanzarote.
Overcame prostate cancer last year and gave been told to get on and live my life.
So dear friend get through this hiccup and come and see us in the sunshine.
We will hold you in our prayers and our loving and caring God will do the rest God bless you and hold you safely through your treatment
Much love
Stan and Rosie x

MichaelQuicke said...

Oh Stan, what happy memories you have sparked of great days together with the College of Preachers and Clonmell. How wonderful to hear that you are living so powerfully on the other side of prostate cancer and serving with Rosie in Lanzarote. Wow. Now that you have found me we must ensure we keep in touch. Love and blessings. Michael