Sunday, May 3, 2020

A first

This morning I preached at Arbury Rd. Baptist Church, Cambridge.  I was asked to record my sermon earlier in the week.  So, in the quiet back bedroom I preached to the little screen with Carol giving the reading. Today we shared in the Sunday event as the minister opened the service from his front room and we were led into some songs and prayers (really helpful and to the point).

When it came to my bit it was a very odd experience.  Never before have I shared in a worship service when I have been pre-recorded.  Yes, sometimes I have seen events once they have happened but this was a first.  Decidedly odd.

Marvellously, my London family tuned in via You Tube and later they called to tell me how odd it was for them too!  Happily odd, I add! And  later in the day owing to the time difference our family in New York State also worshipped with us.  Doubly happily odd. Technology has enabled so much good as well as all the other stuff!

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