Friday, May 15, 2020

Listen...just focus

A break from serious stuff!  This morning I have been on my hands and knees scrambling in awkward corners.  9 weeks ago, after protracted calls and online 'chats', a BT engineer replaced our old TV system. He said how useful it would be during lock down to have it all working well.  But two weeks ago it started to malfunction again with a tv/errors notice whenever I turned on.  Following online instructions to correct this also failed.  Another chatline adviser suggested new cables which, when fitted, led to no improvement either.

This morning I eventually got through to a live adviser.  Carefully I explained our problem.  He said he would talk me through fixing it.  First, I had to check the leads.  Disappointed I told him that I had done this several times!  'No, listen', he said, 'Just focus on what I am saying. What do your mini transmitters look like?  What lights are on?'  As I searched he reminded me to focus.  'Are they on extension cables?'  'Yes', I said, 'that's how the engineer set it all up.'  'That's wrong', he replied. 'They must be in the wall socket.  Put them into the wall socket'. Much more messing around in dark corners, disconnecting other items like the 'phones. Which meant suddenly I was cut off from him.  At least three times, with some irritation, he had told me to keep focus!

Cautiously I find that this advice appears to have worked. And this provides a  banal picture of how the Holy Spirit wants to keep me focused on essentials. Of course, he shows no irritation but has a similar task of guiding us when other things get in the way and confuse.  It's a good way of remembering in prayer...Listen..just focus.

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