Saturday, May 2, 2020

Back to front

Yesterday I was working in my study on a teaching seminar scheduled for Monday. It's titled: Preparing and Giving a Devotional Message.  Not a small theme!   I have fleshed out a framework for the two hour session and had the brainwave of asking Carol to write out the nine steps of preparation on a big board for my Zoom session. I want to be able to write on it. I positioned the board on my easel behind my chair and then checked how big the lettering should be.....and discovered that it zoomed an image which was back to front.  It showed a mirror image.  I was utterly flummoxed.

Shortly, in the afternoon it was time for our regular Zoom church prayer time.  When I joined others commented that my bookcases background looked different from normal. (Isn't it interesting how many TV interviews are given with books behind?) I explained I was in my study in the middle of preparing this session and that I had just encountered this mirror problem with my visual aid..

'Oh,' said our pastor, ' You have the mirror option on your Zoom, you can change that!'  'Really', I replied with astonishment.  With the group listening in he told me where to go on the screen and which buttons to hit and hey presto the mirror imaging had gone.  Everything was the right way round!  I laughed and said how helpful joining the prayer group was!  Actually it was helpful in more significant ways too.

Carol has now written the steps up in poster size.  How easy it was, when I knew how, to get things the right way. That was on's much more demanding process in life, isn't it?

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