Thursday, May 7, 2020

A lock-down prayer Part 2

The prayer began GOD BE IN MY HEAD and in my understanding. The consequence of brains being filled with spiritual intelligence is that understanding God's will leads to GOD BE IN MY BEHAVIOUR.  Godly thinking leads to godly living - lives worthy of the Lord (v.10).

Two behaviour words jump out that are particularly appropriate for lock-down:
GREAT ENDURANCE - this word is frequently found in the NT. It's about how we face events with God's strength, not by sitting down, gritting our teeth and letting troubles flow over us. But by overcoming because God's spirit within strengthens us to endure with heads held high. Phillips Brooks once said:'I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back'.  That's quite a challenge.

PATIENCE - rather than applied to events this is primarily about coping with people with God's strength. It's the quality of mind and heart that enables someone to bear with others who hurt, irritate, deeply annoy and worse.  So easily in lock down frustrations can build with those close by. This is God's challenge that we respond to hurts, irritations, annoyances with grace. Yes, grace under pressure.

One commentator says: The Christian's fortitude in events and patience with people must be indestructible.  This prison prayer of Paul's was expressed under great personal  pressure and is not theoretical wishful thinking.  It's for real.  For us, today.

8 year old Amy, grand daughter of a friend, wrote this prayer.  Simply it captures much, doesn't it?

Stay safe
Be kind
Have faith
Calm your mind
Be brave Be strong
it won't be long
Keep praying
God's above
And never forget
God's love

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