Saturday, April 23, 2022


Now, for something completely different. Yesterday, at Tesco's where we do our main weekly shop, we enjoyed a FREE lunch!   Completely gratis courtesy of the management. The backstory to this act of generosity covers several weeks' of solid campaigning by Carol. Six weeks ago she saw that the toilet serving the café was out of action causing inconvenience (!) for customers and especially young families.  Seeing others' distress Carol asked to see the manager and demanded action.  As she put it, nicely, 'It is illegal not to have a functioning toilet!'  The manager (also called Michael) said that repairs were in hand.  They were awaiting parts.

The next two visits found no progress on the toilet front.  The cafe manager said they had tried and tried but perhaps Carol could talk with the top store manager.  So, four weeks ago she struck up a warm relationship with top manager Darren who promised personal action. Delightful though he is, the following week found no action.  By now, Carol was known to all the café staff who greeted her as their special friend and fighter for rights.  Apparently, there was another store manager even more powerful.  Owen heard Carol's forthright plea, confessed it was the first he had heard of it and promised immediate action.  The campaign had reached the top.  Definitely, it would be sorted.  Michael promised us a free meal next time we were in.

Yesterday, Carol was greeted by exhausted staff who couldn't wait to tell her that plumbers really had been trying to repair it but still without success.  Michael said we deserved a free meal (well, Carol did) for all her fighting so far.  And so we sat down happily to egg, chips and a wrap.  Of course the saga goes on but Carol has made several new friends. Just thought I would let you know.

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