Sunday, April 17, 2022

Seven Easter Eggs 9) The best day EVER

The best conclusion to any story EVER - the Empty Tomb and the Resurrected Jesus.  These last two eggs were painted by the youngest painters.  The Empty Tomb painting had help from their teacher with the children's hand prints radiating the morning sky (in Ukraine colours - quite coincidentally)!  And some of the church young people painted the last one, looking out of the tomb onto a landscape transformed by the risen Jesus. 

This morning's service was packed out with chairs brought in. With exuberance the congregation made response to Jesus Christ is risen - He is risen indeed. Alleluia. Actually, several times during worship! Many languages were spoken by our international congregation during the service and at its conclusion the majority of us shared in a magnificent feast prepared by our international members and friends.  Such happy celebration.

I hope that you have experienced Easter joy today!  

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