Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Irresponsible listeners

Wheaton College's student newspaper's editorial last week criticized a recent chapel speaker..."we don't remember anything except that he made us laugh."

It continued:
It seems that we would rather listen to a man who can speak well and give us a few good chuckles, even if the core of his message is lacking, than a man who speaks with a stutter and proclaims good news.....we have a skewed idea of what matters if what sticks with us most is the entertainment value of a speaker.....

We're not asking for boring chapel speakers, or arguing that entertaining speakers are bad...but we are saying that we as listeners are often irresponsible. ....We as listeners have an equal responsibility to pay attention once our attention is captured and to evaluate if what is being said is correct and worth our attention.
(From The Wheaton Record, Feb 15, 2008).

Hmmm? Am I mostly responsible or irresponsible as a listener?

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