Monday, October 11, 2010

Founder's Day

Back in the US in a whirl, I enjoyed a low and high on Friday. The low was my three monthly hospital visit for a series of injections into my neck to keep my neurological disease at bay. It was a reminder of my mortality (as if I need it)!

But within two hours I was back at Northern Seminary to speak at the Founder's Day Dinner - an annual occasion to give thanks in our 97th year for the life and witness of the community. I was given the theme: "Equipping the Church to Change the World." Not a slight subject! On video and on printed cards we were faced by many stories - of courageous work by former students in frontline ministry and startling testimonies by some of the incoming students this year. We also heard that enrolment was up 32% compared with last year. I spoke to some of my colleagues - "You won't believe just how full the classrooms are this term!" they said. Wonderful.

My session on Friday night was followed by my leading a devotional and discussion time with the Board on Saturday morning. It was encouraging to touch base and especially meet so many students. I really look forward to re-engaging with this great community but have a few weeks of sabbatical still to run. Next on my agenda is the Evangelical Homiletics Society at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where I keynote with two lectures! Thanks for following my progress. Prayers are greatly valued!

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